Frictional Games Releases Another Teaser That Seemingly Hints at a New Amnesia

It has officially been two months since SOMA and Amnesia: The Dark Descent developer Frictional Games began teasing its next project. The first clue surfaced on the studio’s website in the form of a blinking white dot. Within days, the dot grew in size, suggesting yet another vague hint at what’s to come. Earlier this month, the studio transitioned into ARG territory with its teases, which saw fans looking into strange videos and internet puzzles. It appears as though things will soon become much more concrete, thanks to a new video entitled “I am Tasi.”

See the brief video below:

Frictional Games’ latest clip runs just under 30 seconds long. It apparently centers on the first-person perspective of a woman in search of someone. The video begins with her blinking several times, struggling to keep her eyes open, before her gaze finally settles on a desert. A sandstorm wreaks havoc around her, while a leafless tree blows in the distance. Her line of sight also catches a whole in the ground, a blue beam of light streaming out of it.

The woman narrates the video as well, reminding herself that “I am Tasi… I am still Tasi.” She speaks of being in search of a man, who goes unnamed and “must understand.”

Fans online suspect that Frictional’s next work marks the team’s return to Amnesia. The “I am Tasi” line serves as the biggest clue, given that Amnesia’s Daniel famously uttered, “My name is… Is… I am Daniel.” The blue light from the above-mentioned hole may also be emblematic of the orb Daniel assembled in The Dark Descent, which led him to the Orb Chamber.