The SOMA Developer’s New Website Teases Its Upcoming Project

Amnesia: The Dark Descent and SOMA developer, Frictional Games, is teasing its next project. The tease itself seems to be nothing overt, but a new website certainly hints at what’s to come. serves as the website’s name. However, the site’s single webpage offers no further details.

The website features the Frictional Games logo, links the company’s various social media pages, and an invite for fans to sign up for a newsletter. Standard stuff, right? It also has a blinking white dot in the middle of the webpage, which consistently flashes without pause. This blinking dot more than likely constitutes a direct reference to whatever Frictional Games has in store for its next title.

That Frictional Games may soon be ready to unveil a new project should come as no surprise. In late 2017, the SOMA studio announced it had begun work on two different projects, both in varying stages of production. Apparently, at the time, one game in particular was in “full production,” with most of the team directly involved in development.

Meanwhile, development on the second unnamed project had been delayed due to “new tech” hindering the team’s progress. Whether or not problems with regards to the second game have since been resolved currently remains unknown. As such, it stands to reason the game that was in full production two years ago could be the one Frictional Games’ new website is dedicated to.

Both Amnesia: The Dark Descent and SOMA are available to purchase on the PlayStation 4. Considering the two titles were both well received by critics and audiences alike, Frictional Games’ next announcement is bound to excite many a horror fan.

[Source: Frictional Games via Escapist Magazine]