Frictional Games Unveils Amnesia: Rebirth, a Sequel Aiming to Venture ‘Beyond Horror’

The last few months have seen Frictional Games’ teasing its next project. Some of the more recent hints seemingly pointed towards a sequel to horror classic Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Now that much is confirmed. Frictional Games has been hard at work on Amnesia: Rebirth, a new entry set to launch this fall on the PlayStation 4 and PC

The studio shared the long-awaited news in the following Twitter post, along with an exciting announcement trailer:

In a PlayStation Blog post, Creative Director Thomas Grip confirmed a handful of details about the upcoming sequel. Namely, fans should anticipate a brand-new story in a fresh setting, starring a new character. The core of what makes Amnesia unique remains intact, though. According to Grip, Frictional Games isn’t chasing gimmicks, nor does it have an interest in “inventing something completely new.”

Still, the upcoming entry will not be a carbon copy of the original experience. The team aims to twist player expectations, for instance. Previously praised features are receiving refinement, too. And all of this applies to Amnesia: Rebirth’s scare factor. Don’t expect cheap scares and thrills, then. Frictional Games instead wants players to experience an “emotionally harrowing journey—something different, something less predictable.”

Fans will have to determine for themselves whether the team achieves these lofty ambitions. While Amnesia: The Dark Descent saw some players unable to finish the game due to their being too scared, Frictional recognizes that “simple horror” won’t cut it any longer. Amnesia: Rebirth, then, should take players “beyond horror.” We can only imagine what this may ultimately entail.

[Source: Frictional Games on Twitter, PlayStation Blog]