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SOMA Studio’s Teaser Website for Its Next Game is Slowly Evolving

When last we looked in on Frictional Games’ teaser website for its next project, a mere white dot sat blinking on a single webpage. While the site continues to play host to one page, the white dot has now changed considerably. A quick check in with shows the blinking dot evolving into something grander. It’s larger in size and appears to be pulsating a tad more rapidly. Still, Frictional Games itself remains silent about what this all entails.

Online speculation suggests the image is no simple white dot. Rather, some fans posit, Frictional Games’ tease is a neuron. Given the way the moving imagery has expanded over time, that much certainly seems plausible. In addition to growing in size, the supposed neuron is now surrounded by even smaller white dots. To a degree, it also seems as though the site might be depicting a solar system, perhaps one with a black hole at its center. For now, all anyone can do is take a guess and patiently await official word from the development team.

Take a look at a screenshot from the website’s teaser page in the picture below:

frictional games teaser

Late in 2017, Frictional Games announced it had two projects in development. At the time, both were in varying stages of production, though the team offered no concrete details about either of them. One in particular was said to be in “full production,” with a majority of Frictional Games focused on it. For the time being, there’s no way of knowing if that game is the one currently at the center of attention on the teaser website.

[Source: Frictional Games via PC Gamer]