The Division 2 Warlords of New York Expansion is Live One Day Early, Play it Now

Originally set to launch on March 3, it looks like Ubisoft’s got a rogue agent who pushed the go-live button on The Division 2 Warlords of New York just a little bit early. After a quick download (unless you’re on PS4, then prepare to sit at the “copying” screen for a good majority of the day), players can head to Manhattan right away to begin their hunt for rogue agent Aaron Keener and his band of baddies that want to release a second devastating bioweapon.

PC players were set to get access to Warlords of New York today, but console players had to wait until midnight Eastern time for the expansion to go live. Multiple people are now confirming that they all have access to the new content, even on consoles. If you preordered and preloaded, log in for yourself and check right now. If you can pull yourself away from the Final Fantasy VII Remake demo, Manhattan is waiting for you.

Warlords of New York comes as The Division 2 is celebrating its first anniversary, taking players back to the first game’s New York setting in a whole new way. Brand new players get a level 30 boost that allows them to jump right into the new content, and players can freely travel back and forth between the base game’s Washington DC setting and the new Lower Manhattan map.

The expansion kicks off the game’s second year, coming along with a major overhaul to its RPG systems. A number of things, from abilities to gear, have been simplified and streamlined, eliminating some of the overcomplicated nature that was present. The Division 2 Year 2 will also change up how content is delivered. Ubisoft is shifting to a seasonal model, complete with The Division 2’s own battle pass and rotating world events and modifiers.

Seasonal events will kick off in just one week, after players have had an opportunity to hunt down Keener and his rogue agents. We had a chance for some brief hands-on time with Warlords of New York prior to its announcements and will have a full review coming once we’ve had our own chance to explore its new environment and updates.

Still haven’t even played The Division 2? You can still pick it up for just $2.99.

[h/t: Kotaku]