You’ll Be Able to Customize Your Doom Slayer in DOOM Eternal’s Various Modes

DOOM fans will be able to spice things up in DOOM Eternal, thanks to a wide variety of customization options. A player’s personalized Doom Slayer armor will feature across multiple modes, including single-player, photo mode, and BATTLEMODE. Personalization options for playable demons in the latter will also feature in DOOM Eternal. And the possibilities look quite striking. There is even a unicorn skin fans can make use of should they so choose. (Editor’s Note: DOOMicorn?)

Id Software shared news of the customization options in the nifty video down below:

Fans can unlock various skins, player animations, and podiums by simply playing through the upcoming shooter. Moreover, those who link their Twitch and accounts can gain access to skins, animations, and upgradeable podiums exclusive to Twitch Prime. Another way to grab exclusive extras of this kind is to preorder DOOM Eternal. In doing so, fans will receive a digital code for the Rip and Tear Pack, which features the DOOT Revenant Skin, Cultist Base Master Level, and the Throwback Shotgun Weapon Skin.

In addition to the Rip and Tear Pack mentioned above, preordering the franchise’s newest entry nets customers access to a free digital download for DOOM 64. Just recently, id unveiled the new content and enhancements that will feature in the DOOM 64 port. For one, the port includes a brand-new mission, one taking place shortly after the main storyline’s events. The new version of id’s classic title will also house a slew of visual improvements, which should see DOOM 64 reach extraordinary frame rates.

DOOM Eternal comes to the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, Google Stadia, and Xbox One later this month on March 20th.

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