Roguelike Expedition Sim Curious Expedition to Land on Consoles Soon

Originally slated to hit consoles late last year, developer Maschinen-Mensch’s Curious Expedition is finally on its way. The PlayStation 4 version of the roguelike expedition simulation launches on March 31st for $14.99. Nintendo Switch and Xbox One players can join the adventure on April 2nd and April 3rd, respectively.

Since Curious Expedition’s PC via Steam and GOG launch in September 2016, more than 50 updates have helped improve the experience. Console players should expect the coming editions of the title to reflect those improvements.

Get a closer look at what Curious Expedition has to offer in the following console trailer:

Set in the late 19th Century, Curious Expedition sees players venturing to untouched regions around the globe alongside “famous personalities.” While on these expeditions, players and their travel companions seek fame, treasure, and whatever the vast mysteries of science may entail. All of this exploration takes place in a procedurally generated world of wonder.

A sequel, Curious Expedition 2, is currently in the works for PC and consoles. While a release date remains under lock and key, the follow-up is expected to arrive sometime this year. At present, Maschinen-Mensch has a closed alpha build running on Steam. Sign-ups are still live via the game’s official website.

The roguelike’s original launch in late 2016 on PC was met with mostly favorable reviews across the board. To many a reviewer, its hours upon hours of exploration gameplay and wonderment seemed well worth the price of admission. Hopefully, the same holds true for the coming console releases.

[Source: Thunderful Publishing]