Resident Evil 3’s Indestructible Knife Will Allow Knife-Only Runs

Though players can usually make their through a Resident Evil entry with only a knife, such a playthrough proved impossible in Resident Evil 2‘s remake. In last year’s release, the small weapons would break after several uses. This changes in Resident Evil 3‘s impending rerelease, which will boast an indestructible knife fit for knife-only runs.

With survival horror, bullets, health items, and other supplies are certain to run dry. The development team at Capcom wanted to ensure players at least had one object at their disposal should all else fail in Resident Evil 3. Enter the indestructible knife. Producer Peter Fabiano explained the following to Game Informer,

We kept the knife inexhaustible [in Resident Evil 3], so you can use it forever. We’re dealing with survival horror and everything is exhaustible. You run out of bullets. You run out of herbs. You run out of all the items you can use. So if you did run out of everything, what would you have? The knife. The director always wanted to make it so that you at least have your trusty knife. That’s always something you can rely on.

Of course, a knife-only run presents myriad other challenges to an already challenging experience. Thus, strategy and an understanding of RE3 as a whole will definitely prove necessary. And, apparently, such a run is possible, since members of the development team have completed the remake with only a knife. Players can practice now to their heart’s content in RE3’s free demo. On March 27th, Capcom plans to host an open beta for RE Resistance.

Face off against Nemesis when Resident Evil 3 returns early next month on April 3rd.

[Source: Game Informer]