PlayStation 3 Will No Longer Be Able to Receive Messages From Other Sony Platforms After June

PlayStation 3’s production officially ended in Japan back in 2017 and although Sony has been breathing life into the console via small firmware updates, the last-gen console has understandably lost a number of features over the years. Now, the PS3 is set to lose cross-platform messaging.

In a notice published on the Japanese PlayStation website (translation via Twitter user BlackKite), the PS3 will no longer be able to exchange messages with the PS4, PS Vita, and the PlayStation app from June 30th onwards. However, PS3 users will still be able to message each other.

Although this isn’t a major development, many users have expressed concerns about the speed at which Sony is pulling the plug when it comes to the PS3’s features. PSN and PlayStation Store support as well as trophy system is of particular concern to some users. Considering that these are critical features, it’s highly unlikely that Sony will do away with them. PS3 games are still a regular feature of PlayStation Store sales and the only thing impacting trophies is the shutting down of multiplayer servers, which is standard industry practice when a game’s player base dwindles.

PS3 and PS Vita games were removed from the PlayStation Plus monthly lineup in March 2019.

Are our readers still playing games and trophy hunting on the PS3?

[Source: PlayStation Japan]