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As Many Expected, PlatinumGames’ April 1st Reveal is Indeed an April Fool’s Joke

Last week, PlatinumGames teased that its fourth and final big announcement would go live on April 1st. Unsurprisingly, many did not take the news seriously due to April Fool’s Day. Those folks were absolutely proven right. PlatinumGames’ latest unveiling is, in fact, no reveal at all. It’s a joke—cleverly crafted—but a joke nonetheless. Call it a “doozy,” if you will.

The studio released the following trailer on its YouTube channel earlier today:

The 90-second trailer details a collaboration between PlatinumGames and Hamster Corporation, the Japanese game publisher behind many an arcade game, including quite a few in PSN’s Arcade Archives. This teaser, in particular, suggests the two companies will work on Sol Cresta for the Neo-Arcade System. Evidently, a lot of work went into this April Fool’s joke. Some of the trailer’s art and graphics look rather convincing.

The fan response is pretty mixed in the comments section on YouTube. Most just seem confused, though, about both the joke and what this all means for an actual fourth news roll out from PlatinumGames. Is this joke itself actually the final announcement that’s been teased for the last two months or so? Or might the studio have something else up its sleeve? The “Platinum 4” website suggests the April Fool’s bit does count among the four.

A screenshot of the Sol Cresta reference on PlatinumGames’ website features below:

platinum games april fools

Who knows, perhaps the April Fool’s teaser will be removed come April 2nd, meaning another reveal is on the way. We won’t know for sure until tomorrow. Regardless, the other three announcements aren’t going anywhere. The first went live early in February in the form of The Wonderful 101: Remastered. An unveiling of Hideki Kamiya’s next superhero game, codenamed Project G.G., followed a few weeks thereafter. PlatinumGames Tokyo counts as the studio’s most recent bit of major news.