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PlatinumGames Website Teases Three More Incoming Game Announcements

Earlier this morning, PlatinumGames launched a cryptic new webpage, featuring the number “4” prominently displayed, but no other context surrounding the numeral. Thanks to a recent update on the website, things are a little less cryptic. As many may have suspected, the four represented a total of four games the studio is announcing. The Wonderful 101: Remastered’s already successful Kickstarter campaign serves as one. At present, the other three titles remain a mystery.

A visit to the site shows the number four still sits center stage. Below it is the number one, an image of The Wonderful 101 present in the background. Dedicated blank cards for numbers two, three, and four follow, each boasting a “Coming Soon” caption.

What the other three surprises could be is currently anyone’s guess. With both Bayonetta 3 and Babylon’s Fall already announced, it seems unlikely that PlatinumGames would remain so cryptic about their listings on an official website. Perhaps the upcoming reveals are being reserved for new titles, then, or more remasters? Evidently, we’ll know something more concrete soon enough.

Previously, members of the development team have spoken about wanting to self-publish smaller titles. It seems The Wonderful 101: Remastered is, to some degree, the studio’s first step in that direction. A recent capital investment from Chinese conglomerate Tencent will aid the team in its self-publishing ambitions. For PlatinumGames, the allure of self-publishing rests in a desire to have more creative freedom. Such a business venture also allows developers more control over its intellectual properties. Whatever the team has planned, we can’t wait to receive further details.

[Source: PlatinumGames]