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DOOM and Fallout Gaming Chairs Launch This Summer, More Bethesda Designs to Follow

Noblechairs manufacturers premium gaming chairs. Most of the company’s designs are rather simple, with black usually serving as the base color. However, a new partnership with Bethesda will soon add more color to Noblechairs’ luxury items. Two officially licensed products will spawn from the team up this summer, coming in the form of DOOM and Fallout gaming chairs. Special designs for The Elder Scrolls, RAGE, and Wolfenstein will follow in the future.

None of the currently workshopped designs are final as of yet. Noblechairs has shared the below concept image for the Fallout design, though:

noblechairs fallout chair

Though the above image is only a mockup, the final design will likely look similar. According to a press release, Vault Boy and the Vault-Tec logo are to feature on the chair’s front and back. The design will also adhere to Fallout’s iconic blue and yellow color scheme. Fallout’s “Prepare for the Future” phrase will be incorporated into the chair’s look, too.

Noblechairs has yet to share concept images for DOOM’s gaming chair, but did reveal that a military green color will serve as the chair’s base, accented by “a subtle yet distinctive design.” The manufacturer plans to stitch DOOM’s logo in white on the headrest, with the DOOM Slayer’s Club logo situated on the chair’s rear. Finally, a blood red Slayer Glyph will adorn the backrest.

The Elder Scrolls, RAGE, and Wolfenstein chairs will similarly borrow from each respective franchise’s “distinctive elements.” As of writing, pricing and firm release date details remain under wraps. Those interested in keeping an eye out for updates should stay tuned to the official Noblechairs website.

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