Free Fallout 76 Wastelanders Twitch Prime Content Bundle Lets You Dress Even More Like An Appalachian

Worried that your post-apocalyptic, Appalachian vault dweller doesn’t look enough like they just came out of a hole for the first time in decades? Well, have no fear because a free Fallout 76 Wastelanders Twitch Prime bundle is here to make sure you traverse the wastes in something resembling style. The newest Twitch Prime loot drop is a full bundle available for those with a Bethesda account linked to their Amazon Prime subscription, offering a wealth of goodies for enterprising adventurers across all hardware versions.

fallout 76 wastelanders twitch prime

The bundle contains the following: Raider Nomad Outfit, Raider Nomad Hat, Settler Work Chief Outfit, Settler Work Chief Hat, Crater Projection Lamp, Foundation Projection Lamp, Crater Player Icon, Foundation Player Icon, Raiders Return Player Icon, and a Settlers Arrive Player Icon. It appears as though the bundle is themed around the two main factions found in the new content update for Fallout 76, a game that once looked to replicate the solitude and loneliness of Appalachia but has decided to throw that out the window in lieu of putting NPCs all over the wilds of wonderful West Virginia. Players have the option of siding with raiders looking to strip the area for all it’s worth or settlers who came looking for fortune and a new opportunity at life.

Which, you know, might be the first time anyone ever ventured into Appalachia looking for opportunities.

The bundle is available through May 15 and is free for the taking by anyone with an Amazon Prime subscription that is already linked to their Twitch account. Be prepared to jump through some hoops in connecting your Bethesda account to various other services, but the rewards seem pretty decent for the low, low price of zero dollars. Full outfits are a rarity in the early game of Fallout 76 and, at the least, the two being offered here have a unique flair that may make venturing into the cold and lonely mountains feel just a bit more hospitable.