No Man’s Sky Will Get More ‘Ambitious Additions’ in 2020

Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky has seen quite a turnaround. The game went from launching to a lukewarm reception to earning praise from users and critics alike for its continuous improvements and content updates, and Hello Games has no plans to stop here.

Managing Director Sean Murray recently penned a blog post in which he revealed that the studio is working on more “ambitious additions” to No Man’s Sky‘s universe and has “so much more” lined up for 2020.

“Sometimes it’s good to take a moment and look back on the most recent steps in the No Man’s Sky journey,” Murray wrote while announcing that the team had “settled into this strange new normal” of working from home in the midst of a global pandemic. “Beginning with Synthesis, we planned to release more regularly, and it’s encouraging to look back on how this has unfolded so far. Over the past five months, we’ve released four substantial content updates – Synthesis, ByteBeat, the Living Ship and the Exo Mech – and we’re so happy with what each of those has added to the vision of the game.”

Those playing No Man’s Sky this weekend should head over to the Space Anomaly and speak to Iteration: Ariadne to learn more about the recent reality breaches and their origins.

We’ll update our readers when we have more information about No Man’s Sky‘s upcoming content.

[Source: Hello Games]