In Light of Spoilers, Naughty Dog Promises The Last of Us Part II’s ‘Final Experience Will Be Worth It’

Fans and the industry at-large continue to reel over recent The Last of Us Part II story leaks. Now, following a new June release date for the sequel, developer Naughty Dog has responded to the spoiler leak in a message to fans. Most notably, the studio wants those patiently waiting for the follow-up to know that despite the spoilers, “the final experience will be worth it.”

Read Naughty Dog’s complete message in the image below, which the studio shared on its official Twitter page. (We’d highly recommend not actually looking at the Twitter post since the replies are filled with the spoilers in question.)

naughty dog message

As of writing, there is no official word on how the leaked story details found their way online. One common bit of speculation, however, posits a disgruntled Naughty Dog employee may be the responsible party. In a couple of Twitter posts, former Kotaku writer Jason Schreier seems to suggest something similar. Schreier’s first related tweet notes that an employee’s decision to leak information, regardless of the circumstances, hurts the entire workforce. A subsequent post sees the writer add that he spoke with at least two Naughty Dog developers, both of whom are “devastated that their hard work just leaked.”

See the first of Schreier’s posts in the tweet below (again, be careful wading into the replies there):

As the message from the team above notes, The Last of Us Part II will launch relatively soon. The sequel will arrive this summer on June 19th. Seemingly as a result, Ghost of Tsushima has been pushed by a few weeks, too. Sucker Punch’s next action-adventure is slated to hit stores on July 17th.

[Source: Naughty Dog on Twitter]

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