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PlayStation Trophies Are Now Attached to an Impressive 10,000 Games

July of this year will mark the 12th anniversary of Sony introducing Trophies to the PlayStation ecosystem. Since then, thousands of games have launched with the in-game rewards attached. Thankfully, there’s now a firmer reading of exactly how many games feature Trophies. An incredible 10,000 games include Trophy support.

According to a report from TrueTrophies, the PlayStation audience can presently earn upwards of 297,265 across 10,000 games. TrueTrophies also created a nifty infographic, detailing a number of fascinating Trophy-related statistics. For one, 57 percent of the 10,000 games that support Trophies are on the PlayStation 4. PlayStation 3 is home to 26 percent of such titles, while the remaining 17 percent are on PS Vita.

Another interesting detail on TrueTrophies’ infographic is its breakdown for each type of Trophy. Of the 297,265 available Trophies, 176, 606 are Bronze, 75,734 are Silver, 37,946 are Gold, and only 6,979 have a Platinum. This particular stat suggests that less than 7,000 of the 10,000 games with Trophy support include a Platinum. (It’s unacceptable, really.)

TrueTrophies additionally shared stats about some of the most played games. 4.9 percent of God of War players, for example, earned the Platinum. Horizon: Zero Dawn’s Platinum has been earned by 5.9 percent of players. Marvel’s Spider-Man takes the cake, with a remarkable 8.9 percent of gamers popping its top trophy.

Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty, and Uncharted count among the most popular series on PlayStation. Ubisoft’s action franchise features 517 Bronze, 200 Silver, 24 Gold, and 12 Platinum Trophies across 16 games. The 15 Trophy-supported games in Activision’s FPS series include 785 Bronze, 237 Silver, 34 Gold, and 12 Platinum Trophies. Out of seven Uncharted games there are 318 Bronze, 74 Silver, 15 Gold, and 6 Platinum Trophies.

TrueTrophies plans to share more Trophy breakdowns in the days ahead.

[Source: TrueTrophies]