Report: PS5 Reveal Set for June 4th, According to Well Known Games Journalist

When is the PS5 reveal? That’s the question on everyone’s minds in the gaming community as we march ever forward towards the holiday 2020 next-gen launch window. Rumors have been swirling since early this year regarding a February event, with the goalposts constantly shifting each time a rumored reveal date comes and goes with no new PS5 news. A new report from games journalist Jeff Grub (of VentureBeat/GamesBeat) says that the PS5 reveal event is “currently planned for June 4.” That’s just a hair later than the currently rumored May date that dominates most speculation.

Grubb’s comments come via the Resetera forum. It was a reply to a user posted yesterday in a long-running PS5 info thread saying they were “expecting today’s random Tuesday to be the one with the reveal event info,” a reference to Sony’s habit of just dropping most PS5 news tidbits suddenly with little to no fanfare. Both 2019 Wired articles talking about the PS5 and this month’s DualSense controller reveal were very casually revealed, though the reveal of the logo at CES 2020 and Mark Cerny’s “formerly a GDC tech talk but now being used to maintain the conversation about next gen despite being a very technical presentation” were hotly anticipated. Because of the unorthodox approach to its next-gen reveal so far—not to mention the pandemic raging on our doorsteps—it’s hard to guess Sony’s next steps regarding the PS5 reveal.

The most recent rumor put the PlayStation 5 reveal sometime in May, assuming Official PlayStation Magazine’s coverage of new PS5 games would come after the console reveal itself. OPM clarified that its own coverage of PS5 games in the July issue (on sale June 2) was not indicative of a console reveal, which once again set speculation back into the air on when Sony is actually planning to show off the next-gen console. Per Grubb, that reveal is actually coming on June 4, after the next issue of OPM goes on sale.

There’s also the question of if Grubb is referring to June 4 as the reveal date itself, or as the date when Sony plans to announce its future plans with the PS5, which could set a full reveal even later. His reply isn’t clear, and the wording of the comment he is replying to is debatable. Regardless, his comments take a May PS5 reveal off the table if you want to put stock into what he’s saying.

Of course, in the age of COVID-19 reportedly screwing up any and all marketing plans Sony may have had, we’ll have to wait for an official confirmation from Sony itself. It’s unlikely we’ll know for a few more weeks at least whether or not Grubb’s alleged June 4 date is accurate, but with Holiday 2020 bearing down on us rather quickly, Sony needs to start up the conversation about next-gen pretty soon, and June sounds like just as good a new date to speculate on as any we’ve had over the first half of this year. I mean, somebody has to get it right eventually, right?

[H/T: VideoGamesChronicle]