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Marvel’s Iron Man VR Receives New Release Date of July 3rd

Marvel’s Iron Man VR finally has a new release date. The PlayStation VR exclusive will launch this summer on July 3rd. Those looking forward to the title can expect more news to surface in the weeks leading up to launch.

Sony shared the news on PlayStation’s official Twitter page in the following post:

This announcement comes several weeks after the indefinite delay of Marvel’s Iron Man VR, which pushed the title out of its original May 2020 launch date. Sony delayed the Iron Man game, alongside The Last of Us Part II, due to logistical issues with physical shipments revolving around coronavirus. The Last of Us sequel has since received a new launch date of its own, June 19th. As such, Marvel’s Iron Man VR will be sandwiched between two major PlayStation exclusives, with Ghost of Tsushima set to arrive on July 17th. Needless to say, it’s going to be a strong month for PlayStation exclusives, especially if you own a VR headset.

In Marvel’s Iron Man VR, players will assume the role of the Armored Avenger. This original venture into the Marvel universe sees Tony Stark attacked by a hacker named Ghost. An anti-corporate activist, the mysterious hacker begins retrofitting some of Stark Industries’ older technology and weaponry. Ghost’s calculated assault on Stark’s empire may start here, but spans the world over as she launches several more attacks on the company’s global locations. Suffice it to say, it will all culminate in quite the epic showdown. Players get to quite literally step into the Iron Man suit using PlayStation VR, becoming the Avenger in a way players never have before.

[Source: PlayStation on Twitter]