The Tengu’s Disciple DLC for Nioh 2 Releases in July, Adds New Storylines, Difficulties, and More

Earlier today, Team Ninja announced that Nioh 2 had reached an impressive sales milestone of one million copies sold. Not too long thereafter, the studio also began teasing the upcoming DLC offerings. Three sizable DLC packs are on the way, the first of which is known as The Tengu’s Disciple. This particular batch of paid content will go live this summer on July 30th. From what’s been teased, thus far, fans have plenty to look forward to when the time comes.

The three DLC packs of content will roll out over the course of several months. In each package, players will gain access to new storylines, a host of extra bosses to combat, Guardian Spirits, new yokai, and fresh skills. Armor and weapons are also expected to feature in every batch of content, each altering skill performances outside of their preset stances. Nioh 2’s forthcoming DLC offerings will also include new end-game content and difficulty levels. Such additions are to ensure the main campaign expands further.

While Team Ninja is not ready to unleash too much in the way of specifics about the DLC, the studio is teasing what to expect in terms of storylines. In a Playstation Blog post, Creative Director Tom Lee notes that “a great battle has taken place at Yashima in the late Heian period.” While visiting Yashima, the protagonist will stumble upon a shrine that’s home to Sohayamaru, a strange whistle. Closer inspection shows the item glows, with a Yokai shadow looming behind it. Apparently, whomever wields the whistle should prove integral during times of war, as they’re responsible for restoring peace.

Nioh 2 is available to purchase now on the PlayStation 4. A new patch goes live today, Version 1.09, which adds a host of new content, including a Photo Mode, new armors, and an extra Guardian Spirit.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]