Outriders Broadcast to Showcase What the Square Enix Shooter Will Bring to PlayStation 5

Despite the mystery that still surrounds so many announced PlayStation 5 titles there are still a few that will share its secrets early. One such game, the  Square Enix published Outriders, is set to start a series of monthly developer videos on Twitch that highlight gameplay, deep dive into character profiles, and reveal new information on the game as the next generation of consoles inches closer. Titled The Outriders Broadcast, the video series that starts on May 28 will hopefully showcase just what Square Enix and Bulletstorm developer People Can Fly can do on the PS5, though the developer doesn’t go so far as to say what platforms it will be shown on for now. (We may not get solid PS5-specific info on it from this first broadcast, if PS5 reveal date rumors are anything to go by.)

The serialized developer series is also a chance for the creators of Outriders to keep fans informed, even in the midst of the pandemic. “Obviously, things are a little bit strange in the world right now, and we’re all adapting the best we can. We’ve prioritized our people’s safety and all 250+ of us on the team are working from home and staying healthy. We’re still working hard on the development of Outriders and keeping on track for a holiday 2020 release,” said Bartek Kmita, Creative Director at People Can Fly. These broadcasts will be a chance for Outriders to show itself as more than a weird, analogous mush of things we’ve already seen from the likes of Anthem or Destiny, especially as it looks to compete in a similar sci-fi online shooter kind of space.

The studio is also using the delays caused by the pandemic as an advantage for showcasing Outriders, according to Kmita. “With the cancellation of some of gaming’s biggest events of the year, we’ve looked for new ways to share news about Outriders with players. We’re really excited to present new details of what we’re working on every month from this point forward with the Outriders Broadcasts,” the Creative Director said in a press release.

Is Outriders something new or just a holdover from the current-gen being pushed onto the PlayStation 5 so that it can look special and stand out? Prepare to find out over the coming months when the Outrider Broadcast begins on May 28 on the Square Enix Twitch channel. Outriders is scheduled for release on PS4, Xbox One, PS5, and Xbox Series X in holiday 2020 alongside next-gen consoles.