Naughty Dog Is Using New Twitter Feature to Block The Last of Us II Spoilers in Replies, and Rightly So

Earlier this week, Twitter began rolling out a new feature that allowed users to limit who can respond to their tweets. The company said that it wants to give users more control over their tweets to make room for meaningful conversations that aren’t plagued by “unwanted replies.” In other words, your conversations will no longer be infested by angry trolls.

The feature couldn’t have come at a better time for Naughty Dog. Ever since clips from The Last of Us Part II leaked online, a number of folks upset about what they saw resorted to plastering spoilers wherever they could, and it got to a point where developers had to warn people not to read replies to their own tweets. Thanks to Twitter’s new feature, Naughty Dog no longer needs to do that as the studio is now blocking replies from folks that aren’t tagged in its tweets.

In case you’re still wondering, that’s why PlayStation LifeStyle’s Last of Us II articles have their comments disabled, and we’ve made the decision to keep it that way until launch. While we’d love to converse with our readers and are looking forward to the game regardless of what we’ve seen in the leaked footage, we found a number of users spoiling the game for others and that isn’t something we want to encourage here.

As expected, Naughty Dog’s decision to lock down its tweets was met with a lot of criticism from unhappy Twitter users who will now have to find something else to do.

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