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Rumors Abound: Bloodborne PC Version, PlayStation 5 Remaster Potentially in the Works

Could the greatest bastion of PlayStation 4 exclusivity find itself not only on the shores of PC gaming, but also as a PlayStation 5 remaster? After all, the rumors have floated around of Bloodborne resurfacing for years, especially in regards to a potential PC rerelease. While rumors are always to be taken with a grain of salt and potentially a shot of penicillin, one of the more recent whispers around the digital water cooler is making waves. Word is that not only is a Bloodborne PC version on the way but that a PlayStation 5 remaster was set to be announced at the since-delayed Sony PlayStation 5 event, with a non-FromSoftware studio handling the remaster.

Twitter user @CaseyExplosion speaks with implied authority on the subject, saying that “The last detail I’ll share is that FromSoft themselves are not doing the port, but that the company doing the remaster are one that I have a huge amount of faith in judging by other games they’ve ported. I will not share who that company is, but you sincerely won’t be let down.” This points to an old rumor about a Demon’s Souls remaster by Bluepoint Games that’s been floating around for the last six months.

When asked to share the source, Casey says, “How I got this confirmed to me; I offered $100 donation to a charity if someone leaked me something juicy about the long-rumored Bloodborne PC port, and someone I trust gave me the details. I ponied up the money right away.” A YouTuber by the name of PC Gaming Inquisition has also picked up the rumor and says they have their own source, corroborating the hearsay to some point.

These rumors seem thin, at best, but also ones that seem like no-brainers. Bloodborne is perhaps the best, most well-known game of the PlayStation 4 exclusive library and it makes complete sense to give that game a next-gen spitshine. As always, don’t put too much stock into rumors such as these but at the least, they are worth mentioning. If this supposed remaster was supposed to get a reveal at the Sony PlayStation 5 event then we’ll seemingly know for certain, and soon, if this rumor has any meat on its bones.