Don’t Miss Destiny 2’s Fortnite-like Live Event Tomorrow Morning as Rasputin Handles the Almighty

Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy is coming to a close, but before Season 11 kicks off on June 9th, there’s just one matter to resolve: that enormous Cabal planet-destroyer that is still hurtling towards The Last City. At the outset of the season three months ago, the Cabal enacted a last-ditch effort to take out the last bastion of humanity, sending the Almighty on a crash course towards Earth from its position above Mercury. And tomorrow morning at 10 am PT/1 pm ET, we’ll finally get to see live in-game how that situation is resolved.

For the entire Season of the Worthy, we’ve been doing (rather mundane) tasks to power up Rasputin, the Warmind AI. He’s the only one who can stop the impending doom. June 6th at 9 am PT (at reset) is when all of that hard work finally pays off, but you’ll have to be in-game to see how it happens. The Fortnite-like live event was confirmed by Bungie developers in the replies of the tweet.

Of course, the aftermath of the event will be able to be seen by everyone (if leaks based on glitches in the Tower instance are true), and will likely lead into the next chapter of Destiny 2’s story when Season 11 starts on June 9th. But if you want to see it in person, you’ll have to log in and be in the Tower when the clock hits reset.

I can’t recall a time in the history of Destiny where we’ve been this close to a new content release without knowing anything about it, and frankly, that’s really exciting. It means that whatever Bungie has in store is going to be for the community to discover and talk about. Fortnite’s live events have attracted not only huge crowds, but lots of people talking about them afterward. Bungie wants to capture some of that some momentum with Destiny 2 while moving the narrative and state of the world forward in realtime.

June 9th isn’t just the kickoff for the next season, but also the reveal for the future of Destiny 2, most notably its Year 4 fall expansion. A couple of teasers have started giving hints about where we’re headed and what Guardians will be up against next, but we won’t know for certain until June 9th rolls around.