EA Play Live Delayed to June 18 Amid Global Conversation Around Black Lives Matter

First came the cancelation of E3 due to coronavirus, the same pandemic which led to the creation of EA’s Play Live 2020 presentation event. Originally scheduled for June 11 as an online streaming extravaganza, plans are changing for the publisher once more. Now, the event meant to replace the canceled convention is also being delayed. EA Play Live 2020 will now take place later in June according to a social media post.

“With the important conversations taking place and important voices being heard around the world right now, we’re moving our time to come together in play.” EA said in regards to the delay. The publisher is one of many studios pressing the pause button on potential announcements, with the delay of Sony’s big, much-hyped PlayStation 5 event being most notable. With the various major pieces of E3 being sliced up and divided like watermelon at a summer family reunion–you know, those things people used to do before the year 2020 came and ruined everything–it’s been interesting to see how each publisher is handling its various blockbuster announcements.

There’s still a bit of mystery surrounding what exactly is planned to be shown at events such as EA Play Live. The official website only offers paltry words: “EA Play Live 2020 is about connecting players around the world and bringing them closer to the game franchises they love. During this year’s digital event, we’ll showcase our games through a live broadcast, community content, and more.” We do know some names like Dragon Age 4 and Battlefield are floating around in the gaming ether, but besides that, the presentation slate is wide open. Will PlayStation 5 game reveals have to wait now that the originally planned Sony showcase hasn’t happened?

Questions abound. Regardless, it leaves the summer wide-open for a ton of cool announcements waiting to happen. Keep an eye open for EA Play Live on June 18 at 7pm ET.