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Horror Guru Shinji Mikami Once Wanted to Make an Action Game Inspired by Die Hard

Shinji Mikami is most known for his horror games but at one point in time, he wanted to make an action game inspired by Die Hard. However, Resident Evil‘s success stood in the way.

During an interview with IGN, Mikami was asked what he would have done had Resident Evil not been as successful as it was, to which he said, “I wanted to make an action game that felt like a movie; a movie like Die Hard. At the end of Resident Evil I submitted a game proposal to Capcom to make a game like that, but they prioritized making a sequel.”

Speaking of the recent Resident Evil remakes, Mikami said that he saw a video of Resident Evil 2 Remake and it looked “very good.” He believes Capcom will greenlight more remakes because they’re selling well. Mikami added that he would support a Resident Evil 4 remake “as long as it turns out good.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Mikami shared his thoughts on the horror genre and reiterated that it’s harder to scare players now than ever before – something he pointed out back in 2013. He’s also of the view that zombie themes have been overdone and have lost their “sense of threat.”

“You reach a point where things become like Zombieland, it just becomes a comedy,” he explained. “It might be scary at first but when you’re playing a game, it becomes so repetitive and the player is encountering a zombie so often that no matter how fast they move, they stop feeling like a threat.”

Shinji Mikami’s studio, Tango Gameworks, is currently developing GhostWire: Tokyo.

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