Resident Evil 8: Village Listing Spotted, Rumored to be Revealed at the PS5 Gameplay Event

Resident Evil 8: Village has been the subject of a number of leaks and rumors this year. With remakes of Resident Evil 2 and 3 now out, and Resident Evil 7 having released all the way back at the beginning of 2017, the time is nigh for a fresh original Resident Evil to continue the story where it left off. A now-removed listing on German retailer GamesOnly appeared to confirm Resident Evil 8: Village, along with mocked up box art and a tagline saying it’s the “darkest and cruelest addition to the franchise.”

The now-removed listing was caught by @KenXyro on Twitter, with the link now just redirecting to the main GamesOnly page.

The included box art says that it is “non-official artwork” and features a watermark, so don’t expect it to be what the actual cover and key art looks like when the game is finally announced.

The leaked listing is once again sparking speculation and rumors that Resident Evil 8: Village will be a part of the PS5 gameplay reveal event showcase, which was just rescheduled today for this Thursday, June 11th. It was originally supposed to happen last week on June 4th, but global protests and conversation around Black Lives Matter and police brutality prompted Sony to step back and let those voices be heard in this crucial time.

Lining up with the original June 4th event, a number of Resident Evil games went on sale, leading many to believe that the sale was supposed to be coupled with the big announcement of the next game.

The leak on the German retailer is yet another moving piece in the massive video game marketing machine, and—particularly when events get delayed for outside reasons—it’s difficult to catch everything that was supposed to go live for every region and get them all to adequately delay their own timing. How many times have games been outed by preorder leaks from smaller international retailers or other third-party services and merch (looking at you Ubisoft, and your games that get leaked via… a keychain).

As with most leaks, take your helping of salt with this one, though it does seem to be one of the more credible ones out there.

[Via: Prima]