Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone Season Four is Launching Later Tonight

After a one week delay in respect of the Black Lives Matter conversations happening around the world following the police murder of George Floyd, Infinity Ward has officially rescheduled the launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season Four for tonight. That includes taking the free-to-play massive multiplayer Warzone into its next chapter too, where many think elements of Call of Duty 2020 (rumored to be Black Ops) will be implemented.

The new season goes live tonight, June 10th at 11 pm Pacific, but that might technically be tomorrow morning for many of you, adjusting for your timezone. That’s 2 am Eastern on June 11th.

You’ll also want to make sure you have enough space cleared up on your hard drive. According to Infinity Ward’s Ashton Williams, the download for the Season Four update is going to be “large.” She doesn’t specify exactly how much space will be required, but the good news is, the update will end up compressing a number of assets, so the overall file size for the game will only increase by 4GB once it’s installed.

Given the late timeframe and large download size, you may want to get it started downloading tonight to be ready to play in the morning. At this point, there have been no announcements about what’s coming in Season Four and what changes will be made, aside from the tease that Captain Price will be a playable Operator in the Season Pass. Patch notes will be live at some point tonight.

As part of their commitment to the Black Lives Matter movement and creating a more inclusive and diverse community, Infinity Ward announced a renewed focus on sifting out hateful content within their game, as well as adding a Black Lives Matter loading screen ahead of every single Modern Warfare and Warzone match.