gran turismo 7 revealed

PS5 Reveal: Polyphony Digital Officially Unveils Gran Turismo 7 for PlayStation 5

At long last, after roughly a year of teases and leaks, Polyphony Digital has confirmed Gran Turismo 7. And, as expected, it’s coming to the PlayStation 5. As of now, there’s no word on when it exactly it will hit Sony’s new platform. It’s still exciting news, though.

Get a look at the future of Gran Turismo in the announcement trailer below:

Apart from the footage featured above, details are rather sparse about Polyphony’s new driving simulator. More concrete information is bound to surface as the months press on, though.

The first rumblings about Gran Turismo 7 hit last summer when franchise creator Kazunori Yamauchi revealed the new entry would harken back to older installments. Yamauchi then teased the potential tech involved with GT7 earlier this year, hinting at something that may reach 240 frames per second. Another hint at Polyphony’s focus shifting to a new entry came in the form of news that GT Sport support will soon wind down.

Yet another unofficial confirmation came courtesy of Next Level Racing, a racing cockpit manufacturer. In a since-deleted social media post, the company incidentally showcased an image featuring the GT7 logo. The most recent hint went live earlier this week via trademark filings from Sony, each related to Gran Turismo. One concerned the brand name itself, while the other two were related to GT’s logo and Polyphony Digital as a company. Suffice it to say, all the teasing was most definitely worth it.

PlayStation 5 remains on track for a holiday 2020 launch, Sony has consistently reiterated the last few months.