Quantum Error Release Date Could Move to 2021, Says Developer

As previously promised, TeamKill Media showcased Quantum Error’s first gameplay trailer during GamesRadar’s Future Games Show this past weekend. The new look certainly added to the hype. However, there is one detail the reveal lacked information about–a release date. Originally meant to land on the PlayStation 4 and, tentatively, PlayStation 5 in holiday 2020, it now seems as though the horror title won’t launch until sometime in 2021.

TeamKill Media hinted at as much during a recent exchange with a fan on Twitter. When asked if Quantum Error remained on track for a 2020 release, the studio replied as follows,

The company has yet to confirm when exactly it’ll be able to share more about release information. But the new gameplay trailer suggests a longer wait may be worth it. See Quantum Error in action in the video linked below:

A story overview on Quantum Error’s official website notes the game takes place at the fictional Monad Quantum Research Facility, which sits 30 miles off of California’s shore. The facility comes under attack by an unknown entity, eventually resulting in an uncontrollable fire. Monad Quantum goes on lockdown as a result. Interestingly, a distress call to San Francisco’s Garboa Fire Dept is where players join the adventure.

Players will assume the role of Capt. Jacob Thomas, a firefighter who’s sent to the facility with his partner, Shane Costa, and a helicopter crew. The journey to Monad Quantum begins as a rescue mission to save as many lives as possible. However, upon arrival at the facility, players will soon find things are not as they seem. Suffice it to say, terror will ensue and firefighting is bound to become the least of Thomas’ concerns.

[Source: TeamKill Media on Twitter vis PSU]