Bungie Celebrates Juneteenth With Black Lives Matter Pin and Destiny 2 Emblem

Bungie has always been a developer at the forefront of any movement, always seeking to use its platform to support important causes. Many of these efforts are headed up by the Bungie Store, where special limited-time products raise money for different organizations. In honor of Juneteenth—celebrating June 19, 1865, when the slaves in Texas were emancipated, told they were free, and slavery was outlawed—and the ongoing movements around the world protesting police brutality and systemic racism against Black people, Bungie created a Black Lives Matter pin and Destiny 2 emblem titled “Be Heard,” with all proceeds from sales going to the Equal Justice Initiative.

The Be Heard pin and emblem will go up for preorder on the Bungie Store on Tuesday, June 23, 2020. There currently is no announced price, but if it follows the Pride pin (and other pins on the Bungie Store), it will likely be $14.99. It’s unknown when the pin will ship, but an email with the emblem code will be sent within 24 hours of placing your order.

You can see the pin in the image above and the emblem below:

Destiny 2 black lives matter emblem be heard

When Bungie revealed Beyond Light, the next chapter of Destiny 2, earlier this month, it spent the first eight minutes and 46 seconds in moments of silence in remembrance of the murder of George Floyd—the amount of time police knelt on his neck before he died. Bungie employees, including CEO Pete Parsons, have been very vocal in their support of the Black Lives Matter movement and protests against police brutality and systemic racism.

We know that Guardians in Destiny fight for humanity and hope. And while the real challenges that Black people face are not as easily vanquished as the enemies in our game, we look forward to seeing Guardians come together in this fight as well. As we said before, we are committed to standing up for our Black community; including our developers, fans, and neighbors. Together, we intend to replace injustice with equality wherever we see it. So eyes up Guardians, there’s work to do.

Black Lives Matter.

Earlier this year, Bungie made a limited-edition shirt and emblem available for purchase in support of Australia wildfire relief. When protests began to erupt following the Memorial Day police murder of George Floyd, and companies started to express their support for Black Lives Matter, many in the community called on Bungie to do a Destiny 2 emblem so that players could also show their support in-game. The Be Heard pin and emblem shows that players were heard, and more importantly, that Bungie hears the voices of the Black community.

If the Be Heard pin and emblem follows the model of the Bungie Pride Pin and emblem, it will be available for purchase whenever stock allows, but make sure to get one quick when they are available. These tend to go fast whenever new stock comes in. The first preorders will go live on June 23.

[Source: Bungie.net]