Players Can Go on a GTA-Style ‘Rampage’ in Cyberpunk 2077, But May Not Want To

With Cyberpunk 2077, CD Projekt RED wants players to truly experience Night City in whichever manner they see fit. Thus, the gameplay possibilities are vast, so vast that gamers can go on a Grand Theft Auto-like “rampage.” Yet, one developer says not all players will stick with such a reckless style of play for very long.

Max Pears, one of the RPG’s level designers noted as much in an interview with PCGamesN. According to Pears, playtests show that some players default to what he describes as “GTA Mode.” Most readjust pretty quickly, however, after realizing that Cyberpunk 2077 is a different beast entirely. Pears told PCGamesN the following,

If you want to go out on a rampage and have no remorse, then you have got the option, and that’s fine with us. However, once you start to play the missions and see the amount of options you have. I think that will make players stop and think a little bit before doing something reckless. We’ve seen a lot of people default to that “GTA mode” and then after a little bit they realize how many things are different and adjust how they play.

More of the sci-fi title’s gameplay hit the web just last week, during the studio’s Night City Wire stream. The broadcast also featured news of an anime that will launch in 2022. Studio Trigger is developing the project in partnership with CD Projekt RED and Netflix.

Following the recent delay, Cyberpunk 2077 is now set to hit PS4, PC, and Xbox One on November 19th. Next-gen console players who purchase the RPG on current-gen will have access to an updated version for free. At a later time, CD Projekt RED intends to develop a “more robust” next-gen iteration, which current-gen Cyberpunk 2077 owners will also receive free of charge.

[Source: PCGamesN]