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Dead Cells Tops 3 Million Copies Sold; New Update Hits Consoles in the Following Weeks

Motion Twin’s celebrated action-platformer Dead Cells has reached yet another impressive sales milestone. By March of 2019, the title had moved more than one million units worldwide. Since then, it has raked in another two million. As of now, Dead Cells sits at over three million copies sold since its release in August 2018.

In addition to announcing the sales update, Motion Twin unveiled patch notes for Dead Cells‘ 19th update, Update of Plenty. The new patch is available now for PC players. Console players can expect Update of Plenty to go live in the following weeks, according to Motion Twin’s response to a fan on Twitter.

Dead Cells‘ Update of Plenty is ushering in myriad changes for the title overall, particularly with regards to the revamping of certain weapons and items. However, the most notable of such alterations is that players can now wield crossbows as two-handed weapons.

The following vlog from the development team outlines what to expect from Update of Plenty. (A full list of patch notes is available on Dead Cells‘ Steam Community page). As of now, Motion Twin has yet to announced a concrete date for when it will roll out on console versions.

[Source: Motion Twin on Twitter, Steam]