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Dead Cells Second Premium DLC Fatal Falls Arrives in 2021

Dead Cells will be getting a second DLC expansion next year in the form of Fatal Falls. The premium DLC will add two new mid-game levels, a new boss and more weapons to keep The Beheaded occupied for a while longer.

The first new level takes place in Fractured Shrines. This is a biome of floating islands filled with traps and plenty of ways to fall to your doom. The second level is The Undying Shores, a sheer cliff face that The Beheaded needs to descend during a storm. Of course, the rain won’t make anything slippery. At the bottom he’ll be greeted by “a familiar face”. Both of these biomes run parallel to the existing biomes of Stilt Village, Clock Tower, and Time Keeper, providing new options for the middle of a run.

Fatal Falls will also introduce a new boss, new enemies and more weapons. Details on these have been promised for the future before the DLC’s release in Q1 2021. It will be priced similarly to the game’s first DLC, The Bad Seed, which released earlier this year.

Last year, MotionTwin promised to support the game with two more years of content and the developer intends to honor that promise. Before the Fatal Falls DLC is released, there will be more updates with new weapons, skins, lore, and other features. The last of those updates to hit PS4, Barrels of Fun, included the new Derelict Distillery location with new enemies and weapons, as well as new gameplay mechanics.

The game continues to be a success with Motion Twin now confirming the game has sold more than 3.5 million copies across all platforms. If you’re one of those people who have yet to try the game and has a PS Now subscription, the game joined the service back in August. It will remain there until February 1, 2021.