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Motion Twin Confirms February Release Date for Dead Cells’ The Bad Seed DLC

Yesterday, the Microsoft Store’s online listing seemingly leaked release date details for Dead Cells‘ “The Bad Seed” DLC. Developer Motion Twin has since confirmed the content will indeed arrive in a couple of weeks on February 11th for $4.99. In addition to confirming “The Bad Seed’s” release date, Motion Twin shared a brand-new trailer for the upcoming content.

Check out the gameplay trailer for “The Bad Seed” in the following video:

Dead Cells‘ first paid DLC will introduce two new biomes to the experience, as well as the domain of a new boss–Mama Tick. The Arboretum counts as one such locale, a “peaceful greenhouse” in which an equally peaceful mushroom tribe resides.  This mushroom clan’s primary goal, however, is to destroy “the Beheaded.” A lush but toxic area known as the Swamp serves as another settlement, inhabited by a host of weapon-wileding creatures, such as frogmen who attack by shooting darts. Players will also explore Mama Tick’s domain, the Nest. With regards to Mama Tick, fans should expect something akin to “the brain bug” in 1997’s Star Troopers.

These two new areas and their respective creatures act as alternatives to earlier levels in Dead Cells, namely The Courtyard/Toxic Sewers and The Ramparts/Ossuary/Ancient Sewers. Meanwhile, the boss in “The Bad Seed” DLC will be similar to The Concierge.

Dead Cells is available to purchase now on the PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One platforms. Our review of the title in 2018 awarded it a 7 out of 10, praising the game mechanics, weapon blueprints, and relentless action.

[Source: Motion Twin via Eurogamer]