shadow warrior 3 teaser

Devolver Digital to Unveil Shadow Warrior 3 Gameplay at This Weekend’s Devolver Direct

Shadow Warrior 3 is officially out in the open, courtesy of a newly released teaser trailer. The rather comical tease is a thrill to watch, while notably announcing that a gameplay reveal will go live later in the week. Fans can expect to get a good look at the next Shadow Warrior entry during Devolver Direct, which premieres on Saturday, July 11th at 12:00pm PST. The new installment itself will launch in 2021, though specific platforms presently remain unknown.

Check out the first trailer for Shadow Warrior 3 in the following video:

Developer Flying Wild Hog and publisher Devolver Digital haven’t unveiled too much about Shadow Warrior 3 just yet. However, a brief story overview indicates where the new adventure will take players. Protagonist Lo Wang returns alongside Orochi Zilla, Lo Wang’s “former employer turned nemesis turned sidekick.” The duo has one goal–capture the ancient dragon they previously freed from imprisonment.

In tracking the beast, they’ll find themselves navigating the world’s most uncharted territories, all in an effort to push back the clock on the encroaching apocalypse. To truly succeed, Lo Wang must get a hold of a dead god’s mask, a dragon’s egg, magic, and the firepower necessary to dismantle the Shadowlands.

Flying Wild Hog aims to take the franchise to an all-new level via gameplay enhancements. As such, the FPS series’ next entry will offer a “seamless blend” of melee combat, fast-paced gunplay, and free-running. Thankfully, the wait to see it all in action is not a very long one.

Twitch’s TwitchGaming channel will host Devolver Direct on July 11th.