DualSense Lets Players Feel the Difference Between In-Game Terrains and Weather, Says Bugsnax Dev

Bugsnax developer Phil Tibitoski has said that the DualSense‘s haptic feedback will allow players to feel the difference between in-game terrains and weather.

Speaking to IGN, Tibitoski said that while vibration and rumble features in previous generations have been immersive, haptic feedback takes things to the next level. He explained:

Previously on pretty much any console that has vibration or rumble, it’s a nice feature that sometimes can make things more immersive, but I haven’t felt anything quite as intricate and sensitive as the DualSense’s haptic feedback. In our game, being in first person, running on different terrain, jumping in and out of water or running into bugsnax, you can feel the difference between running on grass versus running in water versus running on sand or snow. There’s weather in our game and if there’s a thunderstorm and things of that nature, you can feel where the sound is coming from through the vibration.

Bugsnax will also utilize adaptive triggers.

[We’re] even using the light on the controller to display how endanger you are of a bugsnak escaping from a trap. We’re also using the adaptive triggers. Different traps have different functionalities and some of those are best exhibited through, tension in those triggers or rumble in them to make you feel like you’re really using them.

Bugsnax is a single-player adventure that will put players in the shoes of a journalist who has been invited to an island filled with mysterious creatures. The game will release in Q4 2020 for the PlayStation 4/5 and PC.

[Source: IGN]