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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Release Date and Far Cry 6 Trailer Leak Ahead of Ubisoft Forward

Another day, another Ubisoft “leak.” This time, it’s Assassin’s Creed Valhalla‘s release date and a trailer for Far Cry 6, both of which are going to be shared during Ubisoft Forward later today. So if you want to enjoy the event, X out now.

Still here? Okay. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla‘s release date was outed by none other than the game’s official Italian Instagram account. According to the now-deleted post, which you can view below courtesy of Reddit, the game will be out on current-gen consoles on November 17th – just two days ahead of another heavy-hitter, Cyberpunk 2077.

November 17 release date, according to a now deleted IG post from r/assassinscreed

It doesn’t look like a release date for next-gen consoles will be announced but that’s understandable. Neither Sony nor Microsoft have hinted at release dates for their consoles yet.

Next, we have a Far Cry 6 cinematic trailer that’s in French. Ubisoft has been rapidly taking the videos down so there’s no guarantee our links will work by the time you get to this article. Nevertheless, below is a copy currently hosted on Reddit, and there’s one hosted on Gematsu (make sure you have anti-virus enabled because you’ll have to go through several popups before the video plays).

[SPOILERS] Far Cry 6 Trailer from r/PS5

According to a rough translation of the trailer, the antagonist Anton – who refers to himself as the president – walks up to his son (Diego) while he is playing, and hands him a grenade. He explains how the grenade works to the reluctant boy and tells him that one day he too will become president. The father and son then make their way to the roof while the city burns beneath them, where Anton uses the grenade as an analogy to explain what’s going on in the country. Finally, Diego is told to be prepared to be hated by the people.

A previous leak indicated that Far Cry 6 will release on February 18, 2021. Stay tuned as we’ll host the Ubisoft Forward livestream today at 3 pm ET.

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