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Report: Ubisoft Montréal’s Christophe Derennes to Now Serve as Studio Director

Reportedly, Ubisoft Montréal’s Executive Vice President of Production, Christophe Derennes, has stepped up to fill the role of Studio Director. In doing so, Derennes is partially assuming the responsibilities of Yannis Mallat, the Managing Director of Ubisoft Canada’s studios who recently resigned in the wake of misconduct allegations from several employees.

This news comes by way of Business Insider’s Associate Editor, Samuel Horti. Moreover, email communications within Ubisoft were obtained by Jeux.ca and note the other Ubisoft Canada studios will report directly to Christine Burgess Quemard–new General Manager of the Canadian arm.

According to the email correspondence, Derennes’ first order of business lies in implementing measures to introduce “greater diversity at all levels of the studio.” By year’s end, the hope is to have “greater parity in the management team.”

Late last week, Ubisoft’s executive and editorial teams shifted drastically in the wake of harassment and misconduct allegations. Three executives stepped down during this past weekend alone–Ubisoft CCO Serge Hascoet, HR executive Cecile Cornet, and the aforementioned Ubisoft Canada head, Yannis Mallat.

None of these details were mentioned during the Ubisoft Forward streaming event, wherein the publisher announced release date information for a few titles and shared general update-related news. Rather, Ubisoft opted to address the forthcoming changes to its editorial team in a press release prior to the event. A separate Twitter post also informed onlookers that because UbiForward was prerecorded, said issues wouldn’t be discussed during the stream.

Ubisoft has yet to publicly share news regarding the roles of Christophe Derennes and Christine Burgess Quemard.

[Source: Jeux.ca, Samuel Horti on Twitter via VG247]