Ghost of Tsushima is Out of Stock in Some Japanese Stores

Ghost of Tsushima hasn’t been out a full week, yet it’s already proving quite the sales success. In fact, some stores in Japan are selling out of their physical stock. This apparently caught Sony off guard, but the publisher promises further production is indeed underway.

This news comes by way of a post on PlayStation Japan’s official Twitter account. According to the loosely translated tweet by Google, Ghost of Tsushima’s been better received than anticipated. Again, additional production is in the works; however, the post reminds fans the digital version remains available at all times on the PlayStation Store.

Data suggests Ghost of Tsushima is performing incredibly well in other parts of the world, too. Its debut in the UK seems nothing to scoff at, for example. Sucker Punch’s latest debuted at number one on the UK’s physical charts. And the title’s outpacing sales of Days Gone, another new IP from Sony that released last year. Details about Ghost of Tsushima’s success in other regions remain scarce for the time being. Still, it should be interesting to see how the Samurai-centric experience fares elsewhere, especially since word of mouth seems generally positive on social media.

The game released late last week to predominantly positive reviews, particularly in Japan where it received a perfect score from Weekly Famitsu. Our review awarded Sucker Punch’s new action adventure a 9 out of 10, notably shouting the praises of its combat and beautifully realized open world.

Ghost of Tsushima is in stores now for the PlayStation 4.

[Source: PlayStation Japan on Twitter via Push Square]