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Actor Says Mortal Kombat Reboot Film ‘Did Not Hold Back’ With Fatalities

The Mortal Kombat film reboot’s scriptwriter, Greg Russo, confirmed last summer that the project is R-rated. Moreover, Russo laid to rest concerns about Fatalities. Mortal Kombat’s iconic finishing moves will indeed make their big screen debut once the film arrives in theaters. However, since details are scarce and a trailer has yet to go live, there’s still room to wonder just how gruesome the movie’s Fatalities will appear on-screen. Apparently, they should prove just as over-the-top and gory as those that famously feature in the long-running game series.

In an interview with, actor Lewis Tan (Into the Badlans, Wu Assassins), who’s rumored to be playing Johnny Cage, spoke of the disgusting nature of the film’s Fatalities. They at times made him feel sick, he said. Tan shared the following with the website: “Let me just say this, there were some days on set that I felt sick. I’m not kidding. They did not… They did not hold back.”

Mortal Kombat’s first shot on the big screen hit theaters in 1995 with a PG-13 rating. New Line Cinema released a sequel, Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, just two years later in 1997. It, too, received a PG-13 rating. Neither film garnered critical success; both are considered notoriously bad. However, they boast a certain 90s charm that at least makes them somewhat enjoyable. (Plus, nothing beats the theme song.)

Will this new Mortal Kombat reboot film fare any better? It’s possible, especially considering the R-rating and the myriad advancements in technology. Should all go as planned, Mortal Kombat will return to theaters early next year on January 15, 2021.