‘Massive’ Red Dead Online Update Launches Next Week, GTA Online’s Biggest Update Yet Incoming

Red Dead Online fans recently shared their disappointment in a lack of updates by dressing their characters in clown attire. Thankfully, Rockstar Games soon intends to fix the problem with the release of a “massive new update.” The update will go live early next week on July 28th, featuring plenty of content for players to explore. Grand Theft Auto Online is also due for a refresh, including one this summer and another later in the year, which Rockstar refers to as the game’s “biggest ever update.” GTA Online’s fresh batch of presently lacks release date details, but one update should arrive sometime this summer.

Next week’s Red Dead Online update will boast a brand-new Outlaw Pass and a Frontier Pursuit that introduces “the secrets of naturalism” in a new Role for players. In addition, a whole host of “community-requested features and fixes” are on the way. In the months ahead, Rockstar plans to offer players even more to explore.

Not to be left out, GTA Online’s summer update is on the horizon as well. Players can expect the patch to debut a “fun mix of diverse new content,” though the studio has yet to specify what exactly this may entail.

Sometime later this year, online experiences from both games will receive additional updates. With Red Dead Online specifically, extensions to an existing role are in the works. Meanwhile, GTA Online’s update later in the year will usher in the biggest one yet, which will be headlined by another take on Heists in a brand-new location.

The success of both Red Dead Online and GTA Online cannot be understated. In December of last year, each title reached peak numbers following the releases of the Moonshiners and Diamond Casino Heists updates, respectively. No doubt the online functionality continues contributing to sales. According to the last count, Red Dead 2 sits at 31 million copies sold, while GTA V recently hit an astronomical 130 million units sold since launch.

[Source: Rockstar Games Newswire via PCGamesN]