Spider-Man Joins Marvel’s Avengers Exclusively on PlayStation in 2021

Spider-Man is indeed coming to Marvel’s Avengers, despite the “on again, of again” rumor mill that’s been kicked up recently. The friendly neighborhood Spider-Man will be added via a free in-game event sometime in the early part of 2021. And yes, the event and subsequent addition of Spider-Man as a playable hero is a PlayStation exclusive, and many a fan is already expressing their disappointment online.

The Spidey-centric Marvel’s Avengers event will boast a series of unique challenges made specifically for the web-slinger. Crystal Dynamics is designing said challenges to truly put his skills to the test. Completing them should yield “exciting results,” too. Akin to the rest of the game’s roster, Spider-Man will come equipped with a slew of cosmetics, as well as myriad “gameplay experience options” that make him yet another unique character that players can build their team of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes around.

This won’t be Insomniac’s version of the hero. Crystal Dynamics is creating its own vision of Marvel’s most iconic hero, complete with a new design inspired by the seminal works of the late Steve Ditko and the legendary John Romita Sr., but they aren’t ready to reveal the PlayStation-exclusive hero just yet.

Lead Combat Designer Vince Napoli is currently hard at work on capturing the feel of Spidey’s gameplay. The goal centers on making the character feel fluid in and out of combat, especially as he swings around. He’ll also feature his own unique skill trees like the other heroes, allowing players to configure his abilities to their liking. Needless to say, it seems PlayStation fans will be in for quite the treat.

As noted above, the PlayStation exclusivity news has stirred up quite the debate among fans, especially since this isn’t Insomniac’s Spidey. And the lack of clarity regarding Sony’s relationship to the character’s movie and game rights offer little to help.

Marvel’s Avengers launches next month on September 4th for the PS4, PC, and Xbox One. Players will get a free upgrade to the next-gen version when those launch later this year. Those who preorder on PS4 can access a beta starting on August 7th. On August 14th, an open beta will go live on the platform. Hawkeye will release on an unspecified date as the title’s first post-launch hero.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]