mortal shell release date

Soulslike RPG Mortal Shell Debuts Its Twisted World on August 18th

As previously promised, Soulslike action-RPG Mortal Shell remains on track to launch this year. The release date isn’t too far off, either. Mortal Shell will come to the PS4, PC via Epic Games Store, and Xbox One on August 18th for the price of $29.99. The title will make its way to Steam sometime in 2021, according to publisher Playstack.

In unveiling release date details, Playstack and developer Cold Symmetry unleashed a new gameplay trailer. Get a fresh look at Mortal Shell in the following video:

Players will awaken in an empty vessel at the beginning of Mortal Shell. Little remains of the world, which now lies in ruins; the rot has even overtaken humanity. But an entity known as the Dark Father will call players forth, needing someone to do his bidding. In turn, players will set out on a journey in Mortal Shell’s tattered world to uncover the hidden sanctuary’s of the Dark Father’s “devout followers.”

The game’s classification as a Soulslike almost guarantees that many a trying challenge lies in wait. In Mortal Shell, the dead roam about as well, ready to mount an attack at a moment’s notice. Fortunately, players will be able to make use of other deceased warriors. Scattered throughout the lowlands are “the remnant anima of lost warriors,” which can be inhabited to gain unique skills, knowledge, and weapon upgrades.

Mortal Shell’s non-linear campaign will allow for deep exploration opportunities. Such freedom may come at a cost, though, given the demands of combat. Players must constantly remain on their guard, especially during enemy encounters where strategy and precision are instrumental to survival.

[Source: Playstack via Gematsu]