Image credit: Charlie INTEL

Activision Teases August 10 Reveal for Call of Duty by Sending Out Mysterious Locked Crates

Looks like it’s finally going to happen on Monday, August 10th. Treyarch and Raven Software seem to be gearing up to unveil this year’s Call of Duty after the weekend, if mysterious locked loot crates are anything to go by.

Interestingly, Activision is apparently sticking to its promise of revealing the upcoming title in a “different” way by sending the crates to a select few addresses only. Instead of sending them out to the usual members of the press, they were sent to a few YouTubers and sites like Charlie INTEL. A note warns the recipients not to open the lock until Monday.

“The package, which was a crate with a serial number on it and a lock, says that we cannot open the package until Monday, August 10 at 12 PM EDT,” wrote Charlie INTEL. “We must wait till Monday, August 10 at 12 PM ET to send a text message to a number Activision provided to get the unlock code for the actual box to see what’s inside.”

Don’t hold your breath just yet because we can’t confirm if we’re going to get yet another teaser or an actual reveal.

Warzone has caused us to rethink how, when and even where we reveal our upcoming title,” Activision told investors who were concerned about the delay. “So, we can’t wait to share it with the community and we think it’s going to be very different and more engaging than anything that we’ve ever done before.”

Check back at the aforementioned time on Monday.

[Source: Charlie INTEL]