Rumor: Injustice 3 in the Works With the Watchmen as a Primary Focus

We love a good rumor around these parts, but as usual, be sure to take it with a grain of salt and a shot of penicillin. The mill is picking up once more and a well-known artist within the video game industry is hinting, if not outright saying, that the team at NetherRealm Studios is working on Injustice 3. Moreover, this rumor says that recent DC focal points and Alan Moore-created franchise Watchmen at the center of the game’s story. This rumor began kicking up dust after popular digital artist Boss Logic shared a very blunt, real-looking Injustice 3 key art logo that features multiple references to characters from Watchmen. What’s true and what’s false? Will we be watching the Watchmen kick the crap out of Dictator Superman in the near future?

So, let’s start out with the obvious: This is not real. While Boss Logic has been known to handle art duties and partner for reveals on massive games such as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, it’s not all that likely the third Injustice would be revealed by casually tweeting out the world-premiere key art while tagging Ed Boone, head of NetherRealm Studios. Secondly, doesn’t this almost look too perfect? Rarely does a key art reveal show have so much going on. The Dr. Manhattan symbol on the letter ‘i,’ Comedian’s smiley-face badge in the background, the gears from Mars; It’s too good, and pushes the Watchmen focus a little too much to be a believable tease. Then again, this is 2020 when releases and reveals in the video game industry have defied all expectation, so who’s to say things wouldn’t kick off with a viral “is it/isn’t it” key art teaser?

Though, as a personal and subjective note: As much as I love Watchmen it would seem like completely missing the point to add them into a fighting game without coming off as tone deaf to the very themes the series strives for. If the recent and massively Emmy Award-nominated television show based on the franchise is any indicator, its that DC takes Watchmen quite seriously. Then again, who knows? Maybe the series’ success is driving Watchmen to return to the gaming space. DC’s Fandome digital event is coming up at the end of August and we know Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad game will be revealed. It’s high time for a new Injustice, at least if NetherRealm Studios’ past cycles are anything to go by, so maybe there’s some truth to the fan-based fiction.

At the time of this rating, Boon hasn’t responded to BossLogic’s image, so there’s nothing to glean from his lack of responses. Earlier today, BossLogic shared out another version of the keyart, this time with the Injustice 3 logo removed and Dr. Manhattan taking center stage. The clock hands in the background have also moved. Is the artist just playing around with fan art for the franchise, or is there something more here?

If this is real, let’s just hope that NetherRealm keeps that naked Dr. Manhattan skin to themselves. Don’t want to tank that ESRB rating.