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KFC, Konami, Walmart and More Corporate Brands All Want Fall Guys Crossover Skins

Look, good ole’ Colonel Sanders knows a gaming trend when he sees one and hops on it with all the fire and fury that the mascot of a now-deceased chicken magnate can muster. It’s been hard to avoid the hype around the recently released platforming battle royale Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout–especially since it’s free on PS Plus right now–and brands like the aforementioned KFC, Konami, Walmart, and more want in on the action. The game is rife with potential for dumb crossover skins akin to what we’ve seen in Fortnite and now that The Colonel is done invading visual novel dating sims its time he tried his hand at battle royales, I suppose.

The bean men of Fall Guys already look pretty dumb, so what’s one more costume where they slap on the iconic mustache and white hair of a fast-food legend? The ever-active KFC Gaming Twitter account shared this mock-up of a crossover skin yesterday, which has led to a wave of other companies putting their own ideas for branded looks to fall down in.

And while Konami doesn’t seem to make actual video game anymore, I suppose it is nice that they remembered that Solid Snake still exists and get back to those roots as a video game company and not a pachinko machine factory. I get what Konami was going for here, but it doesn’t quite fit the fun and silly aesthetic that Fall Guys is so good at channeling. (Then again, they did add a Jacket outfit from Hotline Miami, so nothing’s really off the table after the murderous lead with the chicken head got his Fall Guys representation.) Hmm. Who else has some suggestions?

Oh. Walmart. Great. Because why wouldn’t we want to remind people of the soul-crushing, anti-union practices of the corporation everyone loves to hate (and yet still shop at for their late night needs) by forcing a Fall Guys guy to wear the (sigh) iconic blue smock of a Walmart greeter? This is getting out of hand, I think.

Regardless, it would be neat to see some Rocket League-like crossover skins come to the newly minted shores of Fall Guys, but I think we can do better than Walmart and Konami, though maybe exceptionally dumb corporate crossovers is right up Fall Guys’ alley. Chuck E. Cheese? Nickleback? G-fuel?

Give us your suggestions in the comments as to what brand or IP you think could create some spiffy duds as these jelly beans tumble around trying to grab that elusive crown.

[Via: IGN]