Datamine Hints Marvel’s Avengers Will Get Black Panther, Scarlet Witch, and Winter Soldier as Playable Heroes

Code embedded within the Marvel’s Avengers beta features information about 15 characters that will supposedly become playable post-launch. The dataminers who were able to dive into the PC beta’s inner workings stumbled across names such as Ant-Man, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Scarlet Witch, and the Winter Solider, all listed as “Unlock Playable Character.”

YouTuber Sanders Presents posted a video over the weekend, walking viewers through exactly how he found the code. Partway through, he began listing the 22 characters marked as “Unlock Playable Character.” Six of the 22 are known quantities, the group of Avengers that are playable in the beta’s ‘A-Day’ segment. The other 15 characters will presumably arrive later as DLC.

The full list of characters found in the beta’s code is as follows:

  • Ant-Man
  • Black Panther
  • Black Widow
  • Captain Marvel
  • Captain America
  • Doctor Strange
  • Falcon
  • Hawkeye
  • Hulk
  • Hulkbuster (a “unique model” any hero can control)
  • Iron Man
  • Kamala Khan
  • Kate Bishop (different version of Hawkeye)
  • Mar-vell
  • Mocking Bird
  • Quake
  • Scarlet Witch
  • She-Hulk
  • Thor
  • Vision
  • War Machine
  • Wasp
  • Winter Soldier

Interestingly, another dataminer unearthed the same list of characters in their search. That the two lists corroborate one another suggests each character/variant have in the game at one point, even if only in an unfinished state. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll all see the light of day, however.

At present, Hawkeye counts as the only confirmed post-launch character. Crystal Dynamics has yet to unveil when exactly he’ll become available, though. In addition, Spider-Man is slated to roll out exclusively on PlayStation consoles in early 2021.

Marvel’s Avengers launches digitally and at retail on September 4th for the PS4, PC, and Xbox One platforms. Customers who pick up a copy on current-gen consoles can later expect to receive a free upgrade to the next-gen version. The title’s final beta goes live this Friday for everyone, regardless of platform and preorder status.

[Source: Sanders Presents on YouTube, Pastebin via Eurogamer]