Player Mods Katana Controller to Work in Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima’s gameplay is incredibly fun, especially during combat encounters. There’s nothing quite like mowing down enemies with Jin’s swordin-hand. However, it seems one player has made the sword swinging even more immersive. YouTuber Super Louis 64, aka the Controller Bender, managed to accomplish this by modding a Katana Controller to work in Ghost of Tsushima. The results are fascinating.

Super Louis 64’s Katana Controller of choice is the one that launched for Onimusha 3 on PlayStation 2. Apparently, the gamepad part of the Katana Controller is configured much like that of a DualShock 2. Thus, the katana boasts two analogue sticks and face buttons that are situated on the grip’s front and back.

In modding the Katana Controller to work in a modern title, Super Louis 64 first configured the controls in such a way that a swing of the katana translated to a light attack in-game. To perform a heavy attack, he had to hold down a button at the bottom of the grip and swing. The modder was even able to get parrying to work. This is done by holding down a trigger on the back of the grip, while simultaneously swinging up. While latency proved troublesome, it’s an impressive sight to behold when the move actually works.

Standoffs are functional with Super Louis 64’s Katana Controller, as well. The YouTuber explained that nailing the move involves sheathing the katana before the encounter, holding down the heavy attack button, and pulling out the katana at just the right moment. This, too, proved challenging. However, he did manage to successfully complete a standoff. Needless to say, it’s pretty awesome.

Ghost of Tsushima launched last month for the PlayStation 4. This fall, Sucker Punch plans to launch a free co-op update, Ghost of Tsushima: Legends, that will allow players to explore Tsushima in an all-new way.

[Source: Super Louis 64 via DualShockers]