the last campfire release date

No Man’s Sky Studio’s New Title The Last Campfire Launches Tomorrow

No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games has a new adventure title in the works, The Last Campfire. Players will get to explore the game for themselves when it arrives tomorrow, August 27th, on the PS4, Apple Arcade, Epic Games Store, Nintendo Switch, Steam, and Xbox One.

A “Developer Commentary” video accompanied the release date news. Hello Games founder Sean Murray narrates the footage, which runs just over two minutes long. Check it out below:

In The Last Campfire, players will assume the role of Ember, who embarks on a journey across a charming but dark world. Numerous beings similar to Ember will crop up along the way, many of them in need of guidance or assistance. Ultimately, players are left to decide who and who not to help.

In the video, however, Murray notes that Ember may not be able to save everyone. It seems every character will still be worth interacting with on some level, though. Each of the mysterious creatures in The Last Campfire boast their own lore and backstories, established long before Ember entered the picture.

At the heart Hello Games’ latest adventure rests an experience centered around exploration. Myriad puzzles of varying types fill the world, which should feel like a “forgotten storybook or a lost myth.” And these stories, Ember’s story, are embedded within a larger tale about “loss and hope.”

Because The Last Campfire may at times prove challenging, Hello Games developed “Explorer Mode.” Such a feature will be available for anyone who simply wants to freely explore and interact with the world’s strange denizens.

Hello Games unveiled The Last Campfire in December 2018 during The Game Awards. Very little had been seen of the adventure until it resurfaced earlier this year with a new trailer. In April, Murray narrated another video that showcased a first look at gamplay.

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