Bungie Details Destiny 2 Beyond Light Stasis Abilities For the New Darkness-Based Subclasses

When Beyond Light launches on November 10th, Destiny 2 players will get the opportunity to do something they’ve never done before: wield the powers of Darkness. The first new element coming to the lineup of Darkness-based abilities is called Stasis, an icy subclass focused on freezing and shattering your enemies. During the gamescom: Opening Night Live stream, Bungie launched a new trailer detailing the new Stasis subclasses, as well as a few other intriguing details for keen-eyed fans.

Check out the full Destiny 2: Beyond Light Stasis trailer below:

The biggest reveals to come out of this trailer are the names and gameplay details for each class’s Stasis subclass: Warlock Shadebinders will “fracture with frost.” The gameplay then shows enemies being frozen with icy bolts from an icy wizard-like staff, and then shattered by a blast from the Warlock. Hunter Revenants “bring the storm,” and they wield ice-covered sickles in each hand. Throwing one at enemies seems to create an icy storm that does AOE damage to anyone trapped within. It also shows what appears to be some kind of Stasis field, which slows enemies down. Finally, the Titan Behemoth can “crash like an avalanche.” With an icy fist, the Titan slams the ground, creating shards of ice that burst up and damage enemies. They are also shown throwing an ice-wall grenade.

More specific details regarding each of the classes will be coming on specific dates leading up to release. Warlock on September 1, Titan on September 3, and Hunter on September 8.

Much of the gameplay was also from Crucible, meaning these abilities will be able to be utilized in PVP against other Guardians. Besides that, we got some looks at new armor coming with the next expansion, and a curious Sniper Rifle that seemed to be wrapped in a Calus/Leviathan aesthetic, despite the Leviathan being one of the destinations entering the Destiny Content Vault and leaving the game when Beyond Light launches.